Sunday, February 3, 2013

Theories to sustain the state of happiness!

If we do things that make us feel happy, we see the world as a happy place. If we see the world as a happy place, we become more optimistic, loving, enthusiastic and open. This state of being attracts optimism, love and enthusiasm into our lives and we subconsciously set in motion a cycle that taps into the law of attraction.

Cynicism is the first sign of a downward spiral in any friendship or relationship. It is better to trust and reap its result, whatever it may be, than be a cynic and forestall the blossoming of something beautiful!

 The past is behind us and can never claim our future unless we let it. The future is in the future and while planning for it should take up some of our resources, we should not be overwhelmed by it. The present moment is all we have to live and every moment of our conscious living should be spent in experiencing it completely. 

Happiness is a state of being and it is only in our own capacity, we can continue being in that beautiful state. If we seek happiness in the company of other human beings, we are forever doomed to lose it for reasons beyond our control. 

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