Sunday, January 27, 2013

On love and its spells!

Warning  : This post contains strong personal views.

Foolish are those who say love is limiting, who say love can happen only once, who think one can love only one person. We human beings have an infinite capacity to love and be loved. We are irrational, emotional, jealous and blind in our love and in our affections. Foolish are they who narrowly define love and associate it only with the act of "making love" or confine it solely to conjugal obligations.

A friend quoted Sri Sri Ravishankar as saying "Love needs to be harnessed with a little wisdom.". How true and how difficult at the same time!

Once upon a time, as I sat next to someone, my heart was very very light and I could feel it disconnecting from the rest of my being and floating beautifully. I felt as if I am protected and a spell had been cast over me. I was ready to surrender to the power of that spell!

In other days, when I thought of her while riding my two wheeler, the air around me took on a fragrance hitherto unknown and even today, inexplicable. My memory then worked feverishly to remember and store it away in a safe place but alas today, I cannot summon it!

I vividly remember other days when talking to her, I wished I had the powers to stop time in its tracks. I could have given anything to hold on to that one moment when a particular gesture made her look angelic, the setting sun beyond making it all the more memorable!

I have often thought about whether
  • I should hold on to the people I love or let them navigate their own paths. I have always chosen the latter. 
  • I should be honest with my feelings or I should hide them.
  • Life is beautiful only when we love and we are ready to do anything to make our love happy. 
  • Love can be everlasting or does it fizzle out over time?
These are questions that have no easy answers. All I can say is that it is beautiful to be under the spell of love. We should strive to be under its spell for as long as we live so that we can proclaim as our ends near: "We lived life and experienced happiness"

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Diabolique said...

All i can say is its the truth u say...and i need to learn