Sunday, August 31, 2014

Bangalore to me

It is a little difficult to write about what a city means to you, when you have not grown up there, but you have nevertheless made it your home. Scores of people from all over the country and it is not just because of IT – believe me – have made Bangalore their home, and love the city so much now, that, they would not move out, come what may. 

It is a city that grows on you. At the outset, you would think it is small, there are only malls to hang out, but explore a little more and you will discover a treasure trove. This post is inspired by this article in THE HINDU. Needless to say, it is also inspired by the parts of the city that I have seen and experienced. 

Bangalore to me is the soothing pleasant weather that attracts relatives from all across the country. On a Sunday morning, one can just go to a park with a newspaper or a book and immerse oneself. One can’t tell the difference between 9 o clock and 12 o clock and 4 o clock except by the position of the-barely-there Sun and pangs of hunger. 

Bangalore to me is early-morning-long-drives on Kanakpura road, Mysore road and Outer ring road. The fresh air, serene atmosphere and a city just waking up is a combination that one can experience again and again. The beauty of this city is that one never knows, especially along these roads, when the city ends to reveal villages with all their cattle and neat small houses. 

Bangalore to me is BTM Lake, Ulsoor lake, Hebbal lake and the water bodies that are catchment areas during the rainy season. These lakes introduce freshness into the otherwise concrete landscape of the city.

Bangalore to me is the red BMTC Volvos speeding everywhere, oblivious to the other lesser privileged citizens of the road. 

Bangalore to me is the metre mela 20 rupees and one and half metre autos. Trust me, most auto drivers are reasonable. 

Bangalore to me is the gently admonishing remarks the traffic system receives every day, ceaselessly.

Bangalore to me is salpa adjust maadi
Bangalore to me is the flower show at Lalbagh and the Ganesh festivities in Basavanagudi and Jayanagar. 

Bangalore to me is Chitra Santhe organized by the Karnataka Chitrakala parishath and the thriving drama culture thanks to the likes of Rangashankara and Jagriti theatre 

Bangalore to me is Toit, Barley’s, HRC, Purple Haze and other drinking holes I have not been to. Also for their music, interiors and the glamorous crowd that frequent these places… 

Bangalore to me is the long stretch of restaurants along the Jyoti Nivas college road and Indiranagar 100 feet road offering cuisine – North Indian, Punjabi, Chinese, North East, South Indian, Malabar style, Continental, Turkish, Mexican, Hyderabadi – that would leave you perplexed

Bangalore to me is being asked, Samabaara, separate a at the numerous Sagars and Upahars that dot the city serving one by two coffee, open masala dosas, kesari bath and chow chow bath. These are the places where you run into toothless grandfathers reading Deccan Herald slurping hot coffee 

Bangalore to me is Sultan school of speech on Radio one

Bangalore to me is IISc and IIM

Bangalore to me is its passion for cycling and running and fitness

Bangalore to me is its youthful energy, its lazy charm, its cosmopolitan ethos and its busy urge to stay on top

Finally, Bangalore to me is the pride that one feels when saying Namma Bengalooru with a hint of We are like that only