Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Snapshots of year apart

Bangalore, Dec 2011 -

Deserted streets, cold winds, gloomy yellow lights, withered branches,
unsmiling couples, ugly machines, melancholic songs and a barren sky wait to devour.

Silent mornings, sleepy afternoons, uninspiring evenings and lonely nights don't help
inner turmoils, repressed emotions, hesitant steps and inchoate thoughts.

Mahabalipuram, Dec 2010 -

Bustling corridor, clean fresh air, cheerful white lights, ripe branches,
coy couples, pristine nature, nostalgic songs and a moonlit sky wait to embrace.

Pleasant mornings, busy afternoons, candor-filled evenings, garrulous nights inspire
creative flights, bold emotions, confident steps and well-rounded perspectives.

Our memories play strange games, games in which a sudden trigger unleashes a torrent of thoughts. Life over the past one month has been a roller coaster, a seesaw of emotions.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Touched, moved and inspired by her...

Listening to instrumental music on this cold winter evening, my thoughts went back to her...

Unpretentious, humble, innocent, guileless, simple, childlike, pure, pristine, angelic,  elegant, pretty, empathetic, straight forward, passionate and genuine, she lives life on her own terms and doesn't care two hoots about what the world thinks of her. Such unadulterated existence in a corrupted world -  in a world full of shallowness, one-upmanship, buffoonery, lies, petty fights, envy and ugliness - is a rarity. No, it is not because she does not know the ways of the world. She is fully aware, yet she retains enough of a childish spirit to welcome all that the world throws at her with both hands.

About people who are ordinary mortals, one can go on and on, for their lives are multicolored. To get to their true selves in a matter of a few sentences is well nigh impossible! With her though, it is easier. She is simply an extraordinary human being. Wish her all the best in her life and pray that she stays as she is...glad that our paths crossed!