Friday, November 9, 2012

Of dreams and dreams

It is a beautiful moonlit night. The road ahead is winding and I turn to look at either side, no, there is no companion. Just some faint voices carried forth by a weak wind that seems bereft of energy. I am alone and suddenly I feel a chill down my spine.

People drift in an out of my thoughts like ghosts in a badly edited movie. I try in vain to hold on to memories that merge with each other. The east coast road leads to Jayanagar 4th block and I lose my direction again.

From a low flying helicopter, I am watching my friends inside a train compartment. They start joking and singing loudly while I realize that I don't understand them anymore. It seems to be a ploy by them to isolate me.

I am walking the streets of a peaceful residential colony. My friend is carrying a short stick with which she draws patterns on the gravel path. She talks about happiness, childhood memories and pet dogs. I wish the walk never ends...

I am invited by a friend for dinner. I reach his flat and open the gate. As I reach the door, the sweet smell of Rasam wafts out through the open windows. I see him perched on a chair watching a movie. I wave, call and knock. There is no response. Has he turned deaf?

We have just completed discussing a case study in my hostel room. There are sudden showers and the next moment, I see guys jumping in the rain with gay abandon. Lights go off and the the merry making continues.

We are having breakfast at the office cafeteria. A friend laughs loudly and all eyes turn to our table...a senior manager walks past, then changes his mind and decides to join our table instead. I assume he wants to  feel young again!

I am faced with a decision. One road is well lit, broad and crowded with people. The other one is narrow, dark and from the looks of it ends at another crossing. I remember Robert Frost!

I am standing atop a snow clad mountain with icy cold winds blowing harsh all around me. My thoughts cease and I go blank for what seems like eternity. When it passes, I feel my mobile next to my pillow.

I am delighted to see my name in the by-line of an article. I read it over and over again. I navigate to Start->run->mspaint and select the rectangle to take a screenshot!

Either memories of happy times or agonizing teasers, dreams are what we are made of and what shape our future. They give wings to our fantasies, fears, reservations, ambitions, inhibitions and make our lives interesting. Sometimes, the meaning we fail to find in reality, we end up finding in our dreams. Perhaps, if one does not dream these strange dreams, one hasn't lived an eventful life.