Monday, May 20, 2013

The people who matter!

Sometimes, life deals its cards in strange ways. It throws us in contact with people who love us and the people we love at the same time. It constantly reinforces the fact that no relationship starts equally. 

With the people who love us, we take things for granted. We are inconsiderate, sometimes insensitive, sometimes irritable and have no qualms in showing them our ugly natures, all inadvertently of course. Rarely do we act with complete awareness of our actions. If we are aware, we would not be blind.

With the people who we love, we obsess, fuss and behave like a shadow following their trail. We hope that one day they would notice the sincerity of our emotions and accord us a glance. Our thoughts center around them and we become ever so vulnerable when they are in our midst. 

What happens when we ignore the people who care for us and understand us only to pursue the people who never understand us, are too busy with their own priorities to give us any time? Our hearts become heavy, our steps slow, our emotions a farce and our lives shallow...we end up devastated.

Life offers us many opportunities to choose. Life offers us many opportunities to heal. Life offers us many opportunities to care, empathize and love! As someone famous remarked, "we are our choices". To be able to choose, it is imperative that we are aware, aware of our actions and aware of the choices we have. The people who matter will always see us for what we are and reciprocate our affections. Ultimately, any relationship is sustainable only if it evolves enough so that both parties become the people who matter for each other! It can sway one way or the other over time but it must be anchored well enough to withstand the swaying!