Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Siva's laws of physics

Dear Reader,

Have you ever doubted the credibility of Newton's laws of physics or Einstein's? Have you ever questioned whether the Earth is really round? Have you ever tested and found that the Archimedes principle does not hold? These things can never happen for physical laws exist for everyone to accept. They cannot be resisted, challenged or proven wrong.

In life, friendship and relationships too, such laws exist. The only difference being that you deal with human beings and hence you doubt, challenge, resist and try to get around them. Alas, you cannot! I pondered over this and decided to write down my own laws, laws that are akin to the laws of physics. So, here we go...

There are totally 5 laws and an axiom that follows from the five. As you read, think as if you are reading a few laws of physics. Don't bother questioning them. It would be an effort in vain!

Law #1 : At any point in our lives, there is little we can do to choose the people around us. Be it our teachers, bosses, acquaintances or the random stranger we meet every day, they simply exist. Of these men and women, the ones we spend the most part of our waking hours with, determine and influence our emotions. We can run away from some of these people but there is no guarantee that they will not follow us or we shall not meet people of the same ilk again!

Law #2 : In any relationship, be it between mother and son or two lovers or two friends or two relatives, one person may not and cannot be important to the same degree as the other person would like him/her to be or in fact might think him/her is!

Law #3 : The past cannot claim our present unless and until we let it to. The future lies in the future. We have only the present to make the best use of!

Law #4 : The degree of happiness one would like to enjoy is inversely proportional to the size of one's own "I". The more importance one accords himself or herself, the less he/she will get to experience happiness and happiness cannot be pursued. It ensues. Happiness is the only way to a healthy, rewarding and prosperous inner life.

Law #5 : While goodness is man's natural state, badness exists to accentuate the appeal of goodness.

Now that the five laws are laid out, the seemingly tedious but actually simple axiom is :

People appear as the adjectives we attribute to them in our thoughts. If we attribute positive and optimistic attributes to them, they would help bring forth happiness in our lives. Whenever we interact with anybody in our lives, we ought to be aware of the adjective we attribute to him/her. If we find that we are beginning to attribute negative or pessimistic adjectives, we should correct the adjective to a positive/optimistic one. If we practise this like the act of brushing teeth, it will soon become our habit and we'll see a massive change in all the people around us.



Tarun Kinger said...

Interesting, and yet true! :)

Diabolique said...

Brilliant...coping it

srujana said...

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