Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Walk the talk

Oh, how I love walking! I have been told by all and sundry that I am thin and bony and that I shouldn't love walking too much. I always chose to ignore when people tell me that. With an excellent, well planned locality near by (Anupuram township) and the beautiful sunrise and sunset near the coastline to take in, walking acquires a whole new adventurous and enjoyable clout.

Here, in Great Lakes, over the last few months, walking has become almost everyone's routine. I obviously don't walk for the sake of burning excess calories though most people here walk precisely to achieve that. 

There are some simple pleasures in life that one should enjoy when one can, and walking with a like minded person or rather, with somebody who takes an interest in what you talk about and contributes too, is an irresistible proposition to me.

I would always remember, years down the line -

  • The manner in which the round orange sun suddenly fell sharply down and disappeared into the west, beyond the gaps between thickly grown trees
  • The awesome taste of ginger tea we sometimes had on the way back from one of our walks
  • How, the mist slowly cleared on lazy mornings, only to reveal tree leaves with dew drops on them
  • The chirping of the birds as they woke up and looked around in all curiosity
  • The myriad expressions on my friend's face as we discussed some sundry topic that suddenly interested both of us
  • The manner in which conversation easily flowed between us, jumping from one topic to the next, almost akin to a clear flowing stream with nothing hindering its way
  • The ease with which we exchanged views, agreeing here, slightly disagreeing there, assimilating here, rejecting there...
  • The pervasive innocence of the whole experience that cannot be easily explained - the locality, the quietness, the topics we discussed, the weather all combining to give a poetic touch overall...
 I wish I can go on and on talking about this...such are the simple pleasures of life. They are so simple, that, we rarely bother about them, but their space in our subconscious is so significant that, once we make an effort to recollect/relive them, they make for some of the most vivid remembrances!

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Shibani said...

There is nothing more beautiful than an early morning walk garnished with Nature's routines...