Tuesday, March 8, 2011

An appeal to Women on International Woman's day

Over the last few days, dailies have been abuzz with articles on International Woman's day. Quoting a psychologist and relationship therapist, one of the articles in Times Life, said, "I think Women have to fight an internal battle to ensure that they gain victory over their own tendency to misuse and abuse the concept of feminism. We need to fight against gender inequality and that includes women's reservations too. To ask for special privileges is to concede that we are a weaker gender. This is against the very spirit of feminism." 

There can be a debate on what feminism exactly is and whether men can be labeled feminists at all! Well, any movement that promotes rights for women and gender equality needs to involve men too as stakeholders and participants. However, the key lies in achieving a balance where men feel comfortable espousing equal rights for women and the concept of equality, per se, is defined correctly. Men of today are for the most part, used to the fact that a woman can be independent and professionally, achieve the laurels that they truly deserve. 

However, here is an appeal to women to introspect -
  • If a guy says, "I am a guy, hence I deserve it/I have a right to it", he is termed a MCP. (I don't need to expand this, it is apparently quite a popular abbreviation) So, please think before saying, "I am a girl, hence I need it/deserve it/am entitled to it" It doesn't harbor pleasant feelings in Men.
  • Don't stereotype Men. While men can be lechers, molesters, rapists, please understand that not all men are. By perpetuating a narrow stereotype of men, women don't do any good either to fellow women or to the larger society of which men are also a part of! If men are getting used to the fact that women can perform certain tasks equally well, women should not, depending on convenience, get away by saying, "You are a man, hence please take more responsibility/plan/arrange etc" That is so old fashioned and believe me, can get some guys, incensed! 
  • Don't support gender reservations of any color. Unless it is a contest for "The most beautiful person" or "The most strongest person", most contests in life can be won by either gender.  (Here, we mean physical beauty and physical strength alone, not beauty of the soul or emotional strength, though there can be exceptions here too!) Unless women themselves are confident about this fact, it is difficult to proceed far. 
  • Get used to less chivalry from men - don't expect them to open the door, pull the chair and the like. A man can do it occasionally to bring a smile to a woman's face, but expecting it as a norm is simply not in! I am not trying to say, all women expect either!
 Wishing all women, a happy international woman's day!! Comments are most welcome.  


$$ said...

I guess Shiva, recently some lady has majorly bugged you!

Anyways, I loved the tips; will include them in my rules book! :P

And you too, have a superb day with all the fantastic women in your life!



Hi Siva ,

Nice one buddy :) :) I liked the inner beauty phrase of ur's da :) :) Hope women can get it and come up in their life :)

happy women's day :)
Wishing u to get a good gal :)

Shibani said...
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Shibani said...

Yes.. Feminism has gone to the extent of almost over powering men.. Hope the hard-core feminists can realize their over-involvement and come up in life...

surabhi said...

lols... who expects chivalry in today's world...

PS: If guys think they should plain hop in & girls arrange logistics, they might as well be happy to cook, clean, change nappies & be house-husbands.. :P

good post... not all girls think the same, just as not all men are the same..
the world is always in shades of grey.. :)

Hari said...

Pinni Pedal eduthuta..

Awesome ... More points required...
Had you asked me, would have given you another 7/8 .. :P :D

Anyway.. nice reading... :) Sharing it on FB.. :)

Nikhilesh Murthy said...

And if we are chivalrous...don't think we're trying to hit on you, some of us were brought up in homes where this is considered common decency.

Shiva said...

@ Shalini: Yes, somebody bugged me majorly, is it so easy to guess? :)

And you are a super woman, you don't need any tips!!

@ Ravi: :)

@ Shibani: Not sure about the over powering part but certainly the very definition of feminism itself is often stretched by whoever does the defining

@ Surabhi: Some guys do change nappies and girls can always take initiatives to arrange logistics..

@ Hari: Thanks buddy! :) We should sometime do a joint post, I would in fact love to!

@ Nikhilesh: Yes, even good manners might get mistaken...