Friday, April 22, 2011

A sad goodbye and homecoming!

I turn a street corner and this is what I see -

I am in another long broad street with tall tress lining both sides. Cars are parked outside almost every house. It is raining a little. The street is deserted except for one tall girl, her silken smooth hair let loose, running in search of an elusive shelter...such a romantic scene caught my breath for a few seconds before I recovered to realize that I am also getting drenched. 

This scene played out at around 6 PM - bang on twilight time, with no trace of the setting sun and the light rain fashioning its own rhythm that was like a sweet music on the ear. I had got myself a new cycle - Hercules Atom with 18 Shimono gear combinations - a few days back. As I entered the gates to park it carefully, I could not help thanking my stars for finding myself back in the city I had grown to love so much in my last stint of 3 years. 

When I landed in the city in the first week of April, it was like a homecoming of sorts. I could feel the change in me, the spring in my step and a heightened sense of anticipation as to what new adventures, the city would hold for me this time around. When I got a 1 BHK bang in the middle of good old Jayanagar, my joy knew no bounds! The first sunday morning, with Sunday Times in hand, I spent in the quiet environs of a park nearby and it was sheer bliss. The air had a "traditional" unsullied smell to it and the atmosphere, serene.

There are hardly any changes and everything appears as I saw them an year ago, when I was making plans to pack my bags to Chennai. I had only a few wishes then - to stay disciplined during the year, make a few good friends and land a job again in Bangalore. Looking back at the one year experience that Great Lakes offered me, I guess, I shall always remain indebted! 

The last week in Great Lakes was an emotional roller coaster. We tried to do as many things as possible to clutch close to our hearts, as many memories as possible. A few memories that make me teary eyed - 

She was one of my best friends through the year. I came out to say goodbye. I just couldn't hold back my tears."What if I won't see her ever again later? How can she do this - just climb into a cab and move on?" - these were precisely the thoughts I was grappling with! 

The last time, we went to the beach in Mahabalipuram- Another one of my good friends suggested it well into the afternoon when I was hours away from saying goodbye to the campus. My memory blurs as I struggle to recall the conversation we had that evening but the sights, sounds and smells, all of them, I can painfully recall in vivid clarity and detail. On the way back, I heard the words, "I shall be missing you" and since nobody had ever told me that in as many words, I was a little taken aback to react. That was another painful goodbye! 

Earlier in the day, another very good friend packed her bags and left. The very personification of confidence that she is, with a calm sense of assurance, she said that we'll meet soon. I knew we would, for she would be joining work in Chennai, but then...

Another good friend of mine, he made it so easy for me- He asked me to come over to the volleyball court, looked me in the eye and invited me to Hyderabad where he shall be working. Neatly done! 

All these memories tug at my heart every once in a while, sudden in their appearance, always catching me unaware. I guess, time would again prove to be the best healer!


Nikhil said...

Very well written..emotions very nicely captured..

Ami said...

It's a beautiful piece. So you are back in Bangalore now? Which company are you working with?

Damn, time just flies. Has it already been a year you were in the B school?


Shiva said...

@ Nikhil: Thanks :)

@ Amith: Thanks...

Yes, time just flies as you said... :) I completed the course and we had our convocation last week...

How are you doing?

I joined Robert Bosch Engg and business solutions (the office opp Forum) in the first week of April.

Ami said...

Nice. That's a German company, isn't it? So guess I may get to catch up with you here...

Bis bald... (get started with your German ;-))

Shiva said...

Yes Amith, We can catch up and my german classes start in 2 weeks here..

Bis bald :)