Monday, October 26, 2009

Kailash Kher evening - Hum tere Deewane!

"No need to understand man, just go with the flow man!" What Kailash was trying to say amounted to this: Nowadays, music is truly international. Even people who don't have a clue about his style of music in terms of language and understanding of the words enjoy it because they enjoy the feel of it!

Kailash Kher was at his best in the concert at Palace grounds on Saturday. (24/10/2009). Thanks in large measure to my friend Gai (He is called Karthik @ office) and to Sharad who in a sense brought us all together, I got to enjoy a rare music filled ecstatic evening. When we got to the venue, there was no sign of the concert getting underway. At around 7 clock till the arrival of the maestro, a local band entertained the audience to some rock music. The instrumentals were enjoyable.

It was just a little past 8 when Kailash Kher emerged in his characteristic enthusiastic style carrying with him a confidence and poise that only the very accomplished and talented radiate. After "Rang deeni", a famous Sufi style number, he asked the audience to unwind and unwind we did in some style!

We had a couple of first time visitors to Bangalore - a guy from Norway and a girl from Latvia - who were colleagues of my friend. In their company, this concert was even more enjoyable. Listening to how they like the singing, the nuances of culture and so many other random things, I should consider myself lucky that an idea like this crossed my friend's mind scape. Initially the girl was a little reserved, but gradually she began to get into the groove, in her own way I should say!

There was a very cute Punjabi couple dancing unmindful of the setting they were in. Totally engrossed in each other, the guy with the typical Sikh beard and the girl in "Jab we met" Geet-style pants, they made quite a couple. Seeing so much of love for each other and so much of sheer innocence so closely was touching and a little disconcerting, though I know not why I had that mixture of feeling.

Meanwhile Kailash made it a point to explain the meaning of the lyrics for one number that went like "Masjid todo, mandir todo...lekin dil mat todo...". That number touched a chord with everybody for its language was truly universal - the language of human warmth, values and affection. The crowd went a little sentimental with Saiyan - truly soulful music. The evening ended with the audience hungry for more but alas good things have to come to an end too!

Dinner at a hotel nearby - Listening to our guests speaking about the night life of Norway and the population of Latvia - brought the memorable evening to an end. This is undoubtedly one of the best evenings I have had the good fortune to experience!

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Shalini Surendran said...

Gai - You did not know there is another person in the same office, who was desperately wishing to be at the concert! :(
Shiva - Like always, interestingly written! :)