Sunday, October 4, 2009

Compilation of Practical Antonyms - Our Choices in Life

Is love just the opposite of hate? Is slavery the opposite of freedom? Certainly no! But in a world where everyday is a gift to be cherished or a struggle to be overcome, depending on perspective, here is a compilation of some antonyms that are practical and are not therefore stamped with approvals from sticklers of language.

Everyday, we are faced with choices. It is up to us to choose and if we do choose correctly, we can stay happy and healthy while the wrong choices can be truly devastating in every sense of the word. As a good friend at work remarked, it is in our reactions that we have the luxury of displaying maturity. It is not always necessary to turn the other cheek when the same impact can be achieved a lot more easily!

  • Positive X Negative
  • Polite X Rude
  • Calm X Rude
  • Composed X angry
  • Self-Assured X Brash
  • Polite X Brusque
  • Mature X Immature
  • Maturity X envy
  • Measured - Impulsive
  • Reason X Emotion
  • Warm X Cold
  • Radiant X Frowning
  • Smart X Guileless
  • Tactful X Abrupt
  • Thoughtful X Impulsive
  • Diplomatic X Self-defeating
  • Empathetic X Cold
  • Supportive X Unfriendly
  • Optimistic X Pessimistic
  • Cheerful X Gloomy
  • Presentable X Shabby
  • Embracing X Cynical
  • Praise X humiliate
  • Love X hate
A simple look at this small list is sufficient to know that the ones on the left have the potential to transform our lives positively. Everyday and every hour, we face these choices - between the ones on the left and the ones on the right. Consciously, we should strive to choose the left for a better and rewarding life!

Sometimes, simplification is necessary to confront problems that life poses to us and this exercise is nothing but an exercise in simplification.

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