Monday, April 28, 2008

When Time loses relevance…

I have had this uncanny sensation of all time losing its relevance in many places so far, out of which I am listing out two here in this post.

What is time but something which even while not always existing in the foreground goads us on like a stick?

Many of us feel its passage with the changing moods of the natural elements, some with the impending deadlines; some others realize its overwhelming presence due to their own happy or sad moods and so on…we even want it to move either slowly so that a happy and pleasant experience can stretch out or faster so that we emerge out of an unpleasant experience sooner…But rarely do we feel that at a particular place time ceases to exist; at least it does not matter what time of the day it is so much so that people around you do not bother about your presence and carry on about their work unaffected by the changing minute…

Sunday mornings at parks:

Reading the newspaper every Sunday morning in either of the two parks close to where I live in Jayanagar 9th block, I get this feeling. Anytime in the parks, the environment appears the same – Jogging youngsters, old men walking briskly, some chanting mantras and some others talking to themselves, kids running around, occasionally people like me reading newspapers or books, women discussing each other’s lives and men discussing politics, couples sharing “pleasant nothings” and fond glances… One feels an enormous sense of happiness and love for everything!!

The market near the city railway station:

A perennial sense of business permeates everything else. Vendors shouting, frenzied activity, people checking out numerous wares, beggars jostling people and people jostling beggars, theatric display of poverty and above all large number of people either trying to get to the railway station or coming out from it carrying larger bags.

Anytime in the day, it is the same so that time loses relevance; there is nothing differentiating from one moment to the next. Vendors don’t cease to trade, beggars don’t stop begging and people don’t stop moving!!

More importantly, all of us without exception would have experienced some moments in life which we would like to preserve for posterity and some other moments which we wish had never taken place in the first instance. But what if we don’t judge every moment of our existence, let the moment pass without commenting on it, what happens then, before we realize one moment would have left us in the next!! Then perhaps we would cease to care!

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