Sunday, April 20, 2008


What do I exactly want? I know not.
What do I crave for? I know not.
Am I happy or unhappy? I know not.

At times, deep down, I can hear the song of bliss…
At other times, there are minor disgruntlements…

One moment, the whole world is beautiful and rosy!!
The next moment, there is a jolt as if in a dream…

I long to venture off the weather beaten path,
I envy the lives of people bubbling with passion,
But plagued by questions and doubts, I dither,
Caught between comforts and uncertainty, I linger,
Wedged between content and wonder, I pause…

Time flies by, I continue to trod
On the beaten path, in what appears to be
A perpetual wait for a prod or a shake.
For clarity to reveal, I stay rooted
Even as times plays its cards and days trundle along,
Even as one moment passes to the next in this existence!!

1 comment:

Shibani said...

Very good choice of words. The words explain a lot about the deepest and the innermost meaning of this blog.