Thursday, May 1, 2008

When Nargis was furious!

“It might be raging as far away as 550 km off the coast of Tamil Nadu, but the impact of cyclone Nargis has reached into the very heart of the peninsula, bringing rain and howling winds to the city of Bangalore.” – reported THE HINDU.

When I was washing clothes, things started flying around within the room all of a sudden that evening and I realized that the wind wasn’t an ordinary one. Soon, enough thunder and lightening accompanied the “howling” and furiously raging winds. Expectedly, the lights went off and in the candlelight with the deafening roar and passing time, I got anxious about dinner.

As I went out looking for something to eat, all shutters were down and the only sound I could hear was that of ambulances. Grabbing a few biscuit packets and bananas I returned home and waited for the lights to come.

What is seen are pictures I took on way to office the next morning. Evidently, Nargis had been furious and trees were the hapless victims. I felt sad seeing huge branches touching the ground and leaves sprayed all over the roads haphazardly. That was one unforgettable evening though!!

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