Tuesday, May 25, 2010

On addictions and assignments!

Today marks the end of the first month at Great Lakes for some of my classmates here. One month has gone by in no time. It seems as if it was just yesterday we came back from the trek or sang along to some beautiful numbers! Time is indeed a great deceiver; it tricks us into believing that grief is long and happiness is transient and illusory.

To an unabashedly self proclaimed romantic like me, to whom the idea of beauty expands readily to encompass things that would appear silly, this place offers many addictions! New to hostel life, I am loving every bit of it now. Be it, the unexpected knocks at the door, the amazing views from outside my room windows, the walk along the corridor while talking over phone, the friends in my adjacent rooms, the rhythm of it all - it is truly something to cherish.

The plants lining the stretch from the mess to the academic block, the classrooms named after lakes like Ontario and Veeranam, the very shape of the academic block and the little temple at one corner of the campus - all these serve to elevate the place into something more than just blocks of concrete. The wonderful friends I have had the good fortune to make - even though we are not finding time to talk to each other as the rigor of the course sets in- have given me something to hold on to, something that I can confidently count on hereafter and draw strength from. At times, it does annoy me that we can't have enough fun, but it is all a part of the package we committed ourselves to. I have also got a wonderful bunch of simple people in my study group. We get together, work for sometime, talk more than we are supposed to and suddenly find a mountain to surmount. In time, We are going to rock!!

I have come to believe in the laws of attraction very firmly for I never once thought that I would feel out of place here and it has never happened so far. That I consciously strive to see only the best aspects of every person I meet makes things a little easier, I suppose. For once, it hardly leaves any room for judgment, complaints and brooding. I am getting used to the course rigor, by that I mean the language of prereads, quizzes, mid terms and case studies. 

All of us, every moment of our lives, gather memories; to savor them or loathe them is incumbent on us. As I hear a birthday being celebrated now, I am tempted to name this post 'On addictions and assignments'. Indeed nothing can be a better word than "addiction" to describe what this place and my fellow gladiators have done to me. So, until the next time I get a break from assignments, adieu!


$$ said...

Wow Siva... lovely! Glad to know that u r enjoying every bit of ur life at Great Lakes!
Like I told u - life always has the best in store for u!
Keep rocking! :)


Manigandan said...

Good One da... Enjoy!

The Layman said...

You can write poetry out of an MBA life. Impressive man :)

Shiva said...

@ Shalini: yes, the key lies in how I see it, hopefully I shall continue seeing it differently. Thanks :)
@ Mani: :)
@ Layman: That is how I tend to laugh at life here, otherwise it can get to me...! :)

Thinkking said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thinkking said...

You write very well :)
And yes, its 1 month in no time.
- Muthu

Anonymous said...

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