Sunday, May 30, 2010

Lines written in a daze...

You ignite a thousand sparks in me,
You know not who your biggest fan is,
A hopeless romantic knows only verse,
Alas, he knows not how to converse!

The graceful mien, the flutter of the lips
the wavy hair as it gleams on the tender kiss
of the faint breeze - this is bliss and agony.
The joy of admiration, the (un)expressed words,
the (un)stolen glances - let them lie concealed,
let the veil not be shred and discarded, oh,
if only all of us know the heights of illusion,
we can take comfort in the laps of allusion!

In every breath you take, may rosy smells await,
in every path you tread on, a thousand joys erupt,
you have the environs gaze in wonder, at the
improbable creation you are, even the faint hints
of blemish would shudder to disturb those beautiful
tresses. A poetry in motion, you are and you would
always be!

In admiration of beauty and elegance, written in a state of daze...


$$ said...

Arre wah!! kya baath hai!
Looks like somebody has swept u off ur feet! :)

karthik said...

I am tempted to comment a lot but will stick to awesome post very well written :P

Shiva said...

@ Shalini: :) :)
@ Karthik: thank you buddy! :)

Vish said...

Cool na. . :)

Aishwarya V said...

who is that Miss. Gorgeous this time ;)

roguegene said...

Whoever the improbable creation might be, this romantic verse might just do the trick. :)

@karthik - yield to your temptations and do us some good ;)

Deepak said...

Dude felt nice to read it while sitting next to babe in volvo;)

Shiva said...

@ Aishwarya: No public revelations :)
@ roguegene: I don't think tricks like this work :)
@ Deepak: Sir, please maintain a diary exclusively for volvos!! Missing them :(

紫倫妍勳 said...

春冰薄,人情更薄;登天難,求人更難。 ............................................................