Thursday, July 23, 2009

There are times when...

There are times when...

  • I get frustrated easily.
  • I feel like I am being cynical and skeptical of everyone.
  • I want to share my feelings with someone but find none!
  • I think of the past when I didn't miss some friends...
  • I remember my worst deficiencies and brood over them.
  • People doubt my integrity and the occasional frank-speak.
  • Somebody I know says I am not confident enough and I start believing it.
  • I think destiny has nothing but the worst plans for me.
  • I see a look of intense hate even in strangers.
  • Life seems like a monotonous drag.
There are also times when...

  • I smile to a stranger and he smiles back.
  • I think, maybe this girl seems nice and talk to her and she opens up. (this is very rare :) )
  • A person makes a sincere comment of appreciation and it goes straight to my heart.
  • I cycle for some distance and strangely, happiness overwhelms me for no particular reason.
  • I see a monkey sniffing at a flower on the temple steps and the sight calms me.
  • A song I love plays on the radio just when I want to listen to it.
  • I unearth a gem of a book by instinct and savor it every bit.
  • I feel a spring in my step and a rare streak of empowering confidence.
  • I get a call from a friend after a long time and we tease each other over those good old days.
  • I feel my worries are no big deal compared to what others go through.
There is a good amount of difference between these two sets of feelings.

When I realize that:

  • People have their own idiosyncrasies that are inflexible no matter what.
  • I should not expect a great deal of attention and words of comfort too often. After all, I am a grown up :)
  • Intense observation is powerful enough to make me forget my worries.
  • Whether I am confident or not depends solely on me.
  • Friends may be busy and have their own worries to occupy themselves with.
  • A smile and a brisk walk will wash away any signs of tiredness and boredom.
  • It is up to me to make my life interesting.
  • I should not look for approval, instead proceed to do whatever is right.
  • I can make the first step towards a conversation but not always; if somebody finds my company good, they'll also take some steps.
  • There are some people who don't need explanations to understand me.
That is when I enter a realm and I don't judge anybody, am comfortable in my own skin and the whole world seems a lot more friendly.

If this seems like a boring post, it is!


Shalini Surendran said...

Hey! Good read!
In fact, a very thoughful piece of writing! :)

Chocks said...

Hey.. Really a wonderful blog.. Lot of truth in it..!! :)