Saturday, April 25, 2009

My tryst with the ballot

The Lok Sabha elections going on in our country is undoubtedly a spectacle; people from all classes and walks of life are queuing up and in a sense surrendering a small part of their destinies to the numerous political parties and independent candidates. In doing so, they reaffirm their commitment to a democratic system where elected representatives decide policies and shape a nations' future.

On April 23, I joined the queue next street in Jayanagar, Bangalore to vote. Thankfully, the personnel outside the polling booth found my name on the electoral rolls and I was saved the ignominy of having to return empty handed without the indelible ink mark that has come to be reckoned as a mark of pride. Three cheers to Jaago Re, it was their hassle free and smooth process that had awakened me to the importance of voting and made the whole effort easier.

Having done by duty, I felt an immense sense of satisfaction though the road I was walking on showed every sign of the rain, the day before - the glaring lack of infrastructure serving to bring me back to reality.

This year, the election results might not be clearly favoring either of the two national parties as they have been for quite a few times now. It is all the more exciting to wait for the results and know who will be leading this country out of the harsh effects of the current economic recession. I can only hope that the mandate of the people is taken in the right spirit by all the parties and respected, though I know that it is a pretty tall ask in the current scenario!

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