Friday, August 8, 2008

A cry of anguish

Soon we will be celebrating 61 years of our independence. But are we really independent? Are we free in the sense that, do we experience the sense of freedom? Aren’t we feeling insecure when we think of the political class of this country? Don’t we shudder when we contemplate where our politicians will lead us to? Are we able to exercise our choice properly?

These are some questions that strike me when I think of the recent events. Somewhere, I feel that the urban educated youth or for that matter, the average educated citizen of this country is constrained and helpless when faced with the political situation in this country. He is always asked to choose between the worse and the worst, between the devil and the deep sea, between despair and misery. He feels that he has chosen the lesser devil but soon discovers that his choice is no better in the long run.

Ideology is probably the most misused word in our country today. Tossed about carelessly, the word has shred its real meaning and people no longer remember if it had one in the first place.

Who would have thought that the left would vote with the right?

Who would have thought that political compulsions would force Mayawati and Prakash Karat to come together and discuss ways to topple a “secular” Government at the centre?

If anybody had said that, the BJP would oppose the nuclear deal and vote against it 5-6 years earlier, it would have passed off as a good joke!

When J&K is struggling to limp to normalcy and when terrorist attacks are on the rise indiscriminately, we have our politicians discussing the veracity of a sting operation.

There is a discord between the voter and the voted. How should it be bridged? Are we getting the politicians we deserve? Are we failing to see the real face behind the mask? Are we fools really to be deceived very convincingly election after election? Is the behavior of the politician symbolic of the urge for power and authority that is inherent in all of us? Is it an omen of darker times? Is there any hope after the new lows to which we are continually witness?

Time alone can answer these questions. But, deep down, I flinch when I think of the future of this country in the hands of leaders who have no concern for anything that doesn’t propel them towards that step that would lead them a shade closer to the throne!!

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