Monday, August 25, 2008

Bangalore wakes up...

An old man picks flowers with unsteady hands,

Dogs stretch, yawn, scratch and doze,

A woman sees off her beloved,

Dry leaves fall on to the washed streets.

Sweepers discuss matters of heart,

Birds call out to each other in sweet tones.

A proud father smiles in joy even as his

Little girl holds his hand and looks up at him.

The sky is a clear white like a sea of milk.

A gentle breeze gathers strength and dies.

Parks wait for the young to jog around,

Bangalore wakes up to another pleasant day!!


The Layman said...

awesome dude..
that was simple and beautiful...:-)
(simply beautiful??)

Santosh Anand said...

Super da Siva!!!

I thought by the name "Bangalore wakes up.." that it might be anecdote on how were on the face of terrorism and still we are very much like mumbai, we really cant stop by these activites,
But after seeing ur amazing poem, its really heart wrenching !!

Very beautiful da, I can sctually hear the sweepers sweep the road and dried leaves falling on wet road and children playing around while they are waiting for their 'School bus'

i guess my comment is bigger than ur beautiful poem :)

shiva said...

thanks Layman and Santosh!

I see these things on my morning walk thought that i should pen them down...