Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A year passes by!

It is amazing that a year has passed since I came to Bangalore and started working! A lot has happened in this space and I have, if I can venture to say, become a more positive person though the skill required for my role isn’t exactly optimism or trust!

When I joined Intel, I never knew any single person enough to count on as a friend and I am glad that a year later I have made good progress there. I have learnt that in dealing with people in the emotional sense, it is better to have low expectations though in some cases, even that has led me to wonder how much is low.

As one starts having expectations, one starts maintaining a journal in which one makes entries of speculation and judgment which are flights of fancy/self deception and escape. “He’ll help me/she’ll behave like this/he’ll reject this suggestion of mine/she’ll take this seriously/he’ll not call me/she’ll not do this” are thoughts that start forming… they not only obstruct us from understanding an individual independently and without prejudice but also prevent us from being ourselves. We start becoming victims of imagined expectations and get swept by waves of fleeting happiness and depression… Every individual is different and every person’s perception or understanding of a situation is different. It is better not to conclude and judge!

When I wondered what exactly friendship is and who exactly is a friend, I found that I wasn’t able to answer this question satisfactorily but nevertheless realized that trying to find a perfect answer is futile.

Having worked for a year, it surprises me that right attitude is the single most important thing that can be rewarding apart from self motivation. Only when a person is ready would he/she be able to realize his/her capabilities.

One should never fall victim to boredom and this can be best achieved by variety. Varying one’s schedule slightly, taking a different route, eating a slightly different course, talking about different topics, reading different things, calling up different people, amusing oneself, rewarding oneself, observing people, going out with different people, dressing up a little differently, listening to different types of music - all these not only serve to spruce up life in a city like Bangalore in a multitude of ways, but also unravel facets of ourselves that we seldom know existed in the first place.

The change has been welcome and in adapting oneself to change, jumping to conclusions and developing a feeling of hate and resentment are the two biggest hurdles to happiness!

I feel, the years ahead will teach me many more lessons…

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