Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Subsidize Walking!

Of late, we have been hearing a lot about Subsidies. Newspapers, news channels and Government ministers talk about petrol, diesel and education subsidies on a daily basis!

So, as I was walking from East end bus stop to BTM today morning, I thought that walking should be subsidized in Bangalore. People who live within 3-4 kms of their workplaces should be encouraged to walk to work…this will have a chain of advantages:

In a place like Bangalore, Walking – the oldest mode of transportation known to man – is the best way to cover shorter distances like 3-4 kms.

By walking early in the morning to work, one burns calories. Gym expenditure is thereby reduced.

In the early morning, riding a two/four wheeler particularly in Bangalore unless if its absolutely necessary, tries a person’s patience levels regularly, increases blood pressure and frustration! Walking on the contrary helps overcome a lot of physical ills and helps man appreciate nature in the midst of traffic madness. I was able to appreciate how well people take care of their personal hygiene for example – the sparkling clean feet in a melee of sandals that looked like a part of an artist’s work bears ample testimony.

If all the people in the 3-4 Km circumference relative to their workplace resort to this, roads would be a lot less congested. The state Government can execute infrastructure projects at leisure. No magic underpasses, overpasses/flyovers would be required overnight.

Such people would be saving expenditure on petrol/diesel. In these times where oil is hovering around 130$ a barrel, this would do a whole world of good by curbing demand at least in a miniscule fashion to begin with! Consequently, prices would come down. Hence, inflation would become bearable. The Government can heave a sigh of relief. It wouldn’t have to subsidize the rich by robbing the poor as it is doing now!!

I for one have resolutely decided to walk the distance to Silk Board instead of fretting and fuming inside a crowded BMTC bus. This would be my small contribution towards a greener earth!

Any takers?


monica said...

I totally agree to this. But early morning one cannot do all the daily chores at home and start walking to office under the scorching sun. But evening it is possible. I walk 2km while returning home daily which makes me reach faster than people taking bus or two-wheeler to the same place :)

Prathiba said...

I am a walking enthusiast myself and I couldn't agree more :) If only people would find time in their fast paced life for a bit of plain old walking it would just be great...

and talking about walking, pls ppl the skating-cycling ( whatever ) machine in "Dasavatharam" is a bad idea.. Pls don't wish for it...

The Layman said...

makes sense!
Especially since you have decided to "walk" the talk! :-)