Monday, February 10, 2014

Why I love Parineeti Chopra

Hasee Toh Phasee was my first Parineeti Chopra movie. Ever since the trailers came out, I had decided not to miss this one. 

Parineeti has done a great job literally carrying the movie on her shoulders. She makes us laugh, cry, angry, incredulous, jealous and irritated. For a fourth outing, she has done remarkably well when it comes to emoting. 

Some observations - Parineeti

  • comes across as completely natural in front of the camera
  • has an adorable smile that warms the viewer's heart
  • carries herself elegantly in all the costumes she is shown in this movie 
  • is not obviously obsessed about a size zero figure
  • has a powerful screen presence and an unmistakable charisma
  • looks pretty wearing her hair short 
  • looks prettier in glasses
  • can carry off both a nerdy and a sexy look with aplomb
  • overshadows other characters in a movie by a big margin 
Doing away with bullet points - 

She  can steal, romance, prance, eat toothpaste, fix a car battery, earn a doctorate in chemical engineering, rattle about cricket, throw a cricket ball accurately at the wickets, speak Chinese, drink and eat with abandon and jump a compound wall.


Pink Mango Tree said...

Loved it. I too love Parineeti. However, hope your love for Deepika still remains :) :) :)

Shiva said...

@Shalini, Ofcourse! How can one forget first love? :)