Sunday, April 22, 2012

An evening that is the stuff of dreams..!

"Many times, we think that the people around us are very focused and determined, that they know what they want from their lives...but you never know what goes on in their minds, behind the scenes..." - Sanmoy.  Calm, composed and with a certain gravitas that commands attention, Sanmoy couldn't have said it better. It must have been around midnight and we (myself, Abhilash and Sanmoy) were chatting about the future that was looking hazy. 

The heat was unrelenting even at that late hour and the leaves on the coconut trees lining the street barely moved...some memories are very closely associated with smells, sights and sounds. This memory, am sure, years later, when rekindled, would flash in the mind's eye along with the thin silhouettes of the three of us on the wall, under a cloudy, humid and starless night. 

Earlier in the evening, we shopped for vegetables and made Chilli Paneer and rice. The conversation veered around life at XLRI, Bengal politics, history and cricket. The oil on the stove simmered even as I got a bong's version of left politics. By the time Abhilash joined us, dinner was ready. We decided to step out for a walk. The streets of BTM at that evening hour were buzzing with youth, in stark contrast to Jayanagar that sleeps early. Sipping piping hot ginger tea, we talked about different cultures, relationships...not all of it was serious, especially, the description of the happenings in the house opposite Sanmoy's!

Later, in the terrace, we revisited our college days, the best days of our lives that we'd perhaps not experience again. Talking in this vein with friends without any inhibition left me with pangs of nostalgia! It also made me realize that, no matter, how old I am, there will be people around me with whom I can open up and experience a beautiful freedom. 

When we came back to the room, Sanmoy started strumming his guitar whilst Abhi guessed the songs...For once, I was transported back in time to those wonderful evenings at Great Lakes when Deb used to play and sing Bengali songs. The creativity of Bongs - hats off! Sanmoy was very humble when he said, he is just an amateur...wish Abhi had got his violin for the evening. It was 2.30 AM by the time we hit the sack. It was an evening that is truly the stuff of dreams...beautiful, peaceful and relaxing...! Sanmoy and Abhilash,  thank you so much!

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Surabhi said...

Siva awake till 2:30 am!! Not bad! :D