Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lonely existence

Whoever would wish to wallow in the waves of loneliness?

In the midst of family, friends, relatives and acquaintances, 
to feel no appetite, no energy and no life around, to remain
uninspired by the pleasant weather...Indeed,

When the pleasant weather appears to revel in sadistic glee, 
when the smile of the kid next door seems plastic,
when the absence of any rustle of the leaves looks 
a grave premonition of an impending gloom, when all 
the nice things around, appear drifting and momentary, 
when no amount of running away seems to bring inner peace,
when cheerful friends are tested by an unforgiving fate, 
when everyone one turns to carries a demon - silent and 
lurking, bidding its time to unleash its wrath - limbs lose energy,
hunger gets bottled up, eyelids begin to droop, one begins to
yearn for a long sleep - hoping that sleep will wash away
the pangs of one's lonely existence! 
Alas, sleep decides to wreak its own vengeance for all the 
happy hours of yesteryear - it digs up
memories long forgotten. A dull pain takes over, numbing 
the senses into inaction...the only cozy retreat is a strained silence!

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