Friday, December 17, 2010


Why is the winter morning so heavy with sadness?
Why do the dew ridden leaves appear to be shedding copious tears?

Why does my friend shut himself to the external World?
What is going on in the girl's mind as she cries for attention?

What scary ghosts are the dogs trying to silence by barking their lungs out?
Why does the frog appear to be possessed by fear?

What are the foreign tourists doing in this remote coastal town?
Why is this fair skinned shop keeper lost to his surroundings?

Why is there a deathly silence in place of chirpy greetings?
Why are the trees not whispering to each other? 

Where are all the stars hiding?
Why is the twinkle missing in the crescent of the moon?
Where is the normalcy? Has somebody stolen it? 


Anonymous said...

Don't be too poetic buddy! :) Normalcy is just around now... all these days u were not seeing normal things... but were biased with fake positiveness ;)

aditi said...

Gud poem but Wats normalcy in first place ? :-)...have been tryng hard to find it....but no answer....

Shiva said...

@ Amar: Yes, yes, :) This is a more general one...

@ Aditi: I thought I knew it, but realizing that it is very subjective too...

$$ said...

And why is Shiva unhappy?!

But the poem is brilliant, though it reflects only sadness!