Thursday, September 23, 2010

I dare 2 compete 
Can a person win without competing? Will such a win give him an adrenalin rush? It would be such a dampener! 

I feel a compelling urge to test myself against the best of brains across the country and emerge on top. To me, a dare is an invitation and winning, a luscious, succulent and ripe fruit that I can never have enough!!

In the high stakes game of management and board rooms, everyday is a day spent confronting challenges, risks and deadlines. So, what better than a forum to test the community of MBA students, to dare them to compete and prove their mettle?

Dare 2 compete is one such site that MBA students get addicted to and fall in love with as challenges abound every day. In this melting pot of college life, where every moment is precious, much of the learning from the classrooms would go untested if there were no forums to compete. If one site can integrate all such competitions and present them compellingly and lucidly to the student community, thereby helping them realize several of their dreams, it can only be Dare 2 compete. Conferences, seminars, jobs and internships, they aren't far away either!

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