Wednesday, March 24, 2010

An evening at ICH and Amoeba

There are few places that can make anyone fall in love at first sight. I would venture and say that Indian Coffee House (ICH) at Church Street in Bangalore is one such place. It has an old-world-charm that is unmistakably warm and alluring - the big frame with the photo of Gandhi, the cute girl smiling with a cup of coffee and the frame that says "Coffee making is a fine art" are so typical of an era gone by, an era where simplicity was valued as a virtue!
 We had not planned the evening out to the last detail. In fact, I love it when we don't; too much planning heightens the expectations and decreases the curiosity. We talked incessantly about things that anybody would expect of 6 young men!! 

The place was full of people who were so immersed and preoccupied that it led me to wonder whether 'a lot' actually happens over coffee. After running a record bill at the place, we came out and indulged in a long photo session that bemused quite a few people. What are 6 guys doing outside a place like ICH on a Monday evening changing their poses for the iphone lens?

We stepped inside Amoeba and the next hour went by in no time! Indulging in a game like bowling once in a while, on a evening with friends is such fun. As we said our good byes and good nights, each of us carried sweet memories of the evening. How I wish we could have had more such evenings!! 


Jayakumar said...

Thats one wonderful evening in my life Siva. Not even 1 sec I felt boring.
I refreshed all Data structures that time ;)
I wish we had lot more such simple and enjoyable outings.

Devesh said...

Really it was an amazing evening Siva ! Thanx to everyone :)
I can’t forget the discussion and comments of all the intellect on BFS/DFS ..performance ;)

$$ said...

By spending time in India Coffee House, u guys were being true Indians! :)

Long live ur friendship and hope more such evenings come very often to you! :)

Shiva said...

@ Jayakumar and Devesh: Agree guys! The talk on performance, time complexity, space complexity, BFS, DFS was like a data structure class only not to forget about regression and functional testing :)

@ shalini: We were indeed :) Thanks!