Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal temple - Spiritual bliss!

Temples in the hinterland - they hold a fascination and allure that makes the journey more pleasant and the expectancy of making the journey assumes an air that is laden with the perfect mystic harmony. So, when I found time to visit this temple after a long gap, I was thrilled. 

 Location of the temple- From
  • Chennai - 75 kms
  • Tambaram - 50 kms
  • Chengalpet - 20 kms
  • Vedanthangal bird sanctuary - 8 kms
How to get there: By Government bus - Route no 129v from Chennai/Tambaram to Vedanthangal and route no 3 from Chengalpet to Vedanthangal. 

Surroundings : Situated atop a small hill, the area is quite picturesque, silent and serves well as the abode for the Lord. 

Legend: As the picture shows (for readers of Tamil), the deity is so named because it is believed that Venkatesa Perumal revealed himself in a chariot here - obliging the prayer of the Pallava king who built the Tirupati temple. Hence the shrine is also knows as the Tirupati of the South. (தென் திருப்பதி)

Personally speaking, a visit to this shrine is something that I love because of the peace of mind and serenity that it inspires. This is also one of my most favorite temple shrines after Vaitheeswaran Koil down south. Vedanthangal bird sanctuary is also nearby. So, this would fit into an ideal weekend itinerary for a day!


RAVI said...

Hi Siva... Nice portrayal.. Really its a scenic beauty which gives us sense of silence and lots of peace when we go to the temple. It is one of the great places i have visited so far. Yet some improvements can be made to make it popular :)

$$ said...

How true - Most of us fall in love with temples for the peace and serenity it offers!

Cheers! :)

Shiva said...

@ Ravi: yes dude, there is indeed lot of scope for improvement.

@ Shalini: "peace and serenity" - the key words... :)