Friday, December 25, 2009

Buddy - You will always be a gem!

Vasu, with whom I have been fortunate enough to share accommodation in Bangalore from the time I came here, left the city today. It is a huge vacuum that he leaves me with.

Vasu is simply too good a human being to be real! His voice, his understanding of any matter and situation by getting to the bottom of it even with very little information (that intuition to completely imagine his friend going through something), the sound of his heartfelt laughter and his profound sincerity that always shines through, make him a gem. I wonder if God makes human beings like him anymore.

We have had the occasional disagreements, but as with people who know that such things shouldn't be allowed to dictate attitudes and behavior for long, we have warmed to each other quickly.

I have learned a lot from him - single minded focus, commitment, dedication (imagine all the synonyms - each one would be applicable) 100% empathy and the passion for things he really loves (AR Rehman, Sachin and algorithms of every hue and color) - to term them simply strong would be either due to my limited vocabulary or the inability of the English language to offer any better word. It is also not necessary for good friends to share interests. It is enough if there are the best of intentions for each other.

There are some things that get so inseparable when thinking about a person - these are random events or conversations we either partake in or exchange with that person but which will always jump into the foreground whenever we reminisce. I still remember in vivid detail, the night, we were talking about expectations (we have) from people we get to know- his viewpoint and my viewpoint were poles apart. An excitement runs through my veins every time I think about it.

Bangalore is never going to be the same. I have written before about missing people and saying goodbye to them. I wish this is not a goodbye. I wish that our paths and destinies cross often and life would once more bring us together sometime soon. I wait for that day to dawn.

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Shalini Surendran said...

Distance and friendship is never related. So, cheer up buddy!!