Saturday, March 21, 2009

A day beautifully spent!

Some days are memorable, some forgettable, some transcend these simple categorisations and enter a different realm altogether. There are days when everything seems oddly poetic; something nearing perfection and exceeding expectations that, whoever one talks to and whatever one does, begins to get tinged with a touch of rare and simple beauty. Today was one such day...

Gopal had invited us to his house opposite the BTM lake. It was nothing formal; just the promises of Samosas and an evening of boating. I went a little early to find him shopping for curd and milk. I found his cook getting ready to prepare some Samosas. We talked about work for a while and just when it was getting boring, Niranjan, Saurabh, Rupesh and Devesh joined us.

A simple bachleor's dwelling, the place gave the feel of a maturing gentleman's abode. We received the head cook who gave precious culinary instructions before disappearing. Once the cook left, We attacked the Kitchen with a zeal, that is characteristic of gaining some understanding of a place, that holds much charm in its simplicity.

Saurabh and Gopal set about preparing more Samosas while eveybody wanted to pose either stirring the oil in the pan or peeling the onions. It is the tender joy of accomplishment that is seen in the smiles here. Rupesh explored the PC for songs and movies. We even attempted to dance funnily for the RDB track unable to restrain ourselves.

For lunch we had the traditional north Indian dish - Kadhi - with a mixture of potato, onion and tomato. The papad and Aam ka Achar were the other delicacies! All along, khatta-meetha, a movie that had dollops of humor and warmth was the entertainer. It made us realize that, there is a yearning within us for such movies which sadly, are not made anymore.

When we were drifting to sleep, the movie ended and we had the forgotten dessert - Gulab Jamuns. When we stepped out, a cloudy evening greeted us and the BTM park close to the lake was getting its evening visitors - the young and the restless crowd looking for some semblance of nature in a concrete jungle. The water wasn't clean and throughout the boat ride, the conversation centred around how couples try to steal moments of privacy in parks. There was much teasing and good hearted humor. It was a saturday spent in a most lovely fashion and one that, I'll remember for a long time.

Indeed, days, when nothing but happiness and a sense of camaraderie and bonhmie prevail - they are a rarity in an age of competitive oneupmanship.


Swetha said...


gopal said...
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gopal said...

good one :)

Rups said...

Siva nice one aa

The Layman said...

As usual so well written :)

Indeed, days, when nothing but happiness and a sense of camaraderie and bonhmie prevail - they are a rarity in an age of competitive oneupmanship.

Couldn't agree more.
Happy to hear about ur weekend :)

Shiva said...

Thanks :)

@Gopal and Rups:
You made it memorable!

@The Layman:
Thanks, if all weekends could be like that, life would be a journey of living dreams :)