Monday, February 9, 2009

A letter written in delirium…


The time has come for our ways to part.

The road has taken a cruel turn and fate
has played its dreadful game…

Some memories are wrapped in gold.
So fragile and innocent they are, so vibrant
and brimming with life and energy, that a
faint tickle runs down my spine as I think
about our first meeting…

Your delightful mien and endearing smile, a
thousand fairies would envy. Your graceful
walk and beautifully large eyes – an elixir of
happiness to many a tired soul…

The times we spent together, the evenings bathed in
the light of the setting Sun and the mornings shrouded
in wintry dew - if the soul can wear a hat and dance in
the rain, if it can proclaim loud, the joy and ecstasy of
being alive, it would have danced and cried, a hundred times…

The good natured conversations, the innocuous teasing…
Of the dusk lost in faraway worlds, of the dawn breaking
Out ever so pleasant… it is in your presence that I drank goodness
and realized the face of beauty.

As you go your separate way, you leave me richer
and pure - Cleansed of impurity and harm, it’s something
akin to bliss where Gods seem near and every hurdle, a feather.
Every step you take, every object you grace, peace descends and
Joy Prevails.



Swetha said...

really good!! - but whom are u referring to :>

shiva said...

Thanks Swetha :)

The Layman said...


shiva said...

Thanks Layman!!!