Friday, March 7, 2008

When I became an Uncle...

When I return from work everyday, I see kids taking lessons from the house owner’s wife. Some of them smile at me and I smile back. There is this cute little girl and boy who raise their large eyes as if they are not enough to take in my appearance and I can’t help but smile at their expressions everyday. I feel welcomed in a manner much similar to how a person might feel when his favorite pet looks forward to his caress.

One day, the lady of the house wanted to ask me something and since she felt the kids might do a better job in conveying the matter in English, she requested the little boy to stop me as I was going up to my room. He called “Uncle, stop!!” For a moment, I was surprised but soon enough recovered. Yes, I have never been called Uncle by anybody.

Coming from this little one, I smiled at him and in his own sweet English he told me whatever was necessary to be told. I realized that some people do take me for an uncle. Had I grown old? Do I look like an uncle to little ones? I know that it is only “Uncle” that the boy had remembered to use but nevertheless, would he have used a different word? It is futile to think in these terms. The crux is that, words hardly matter for how many times do we ever attach any worthwhile meaning to them? Uncle or Anna, he is comfortable talking to me and looks forward to my smile everyday. That is more important and I am glad about that!!

Nowadays, he says “Hi, uncle!!” as I go up and I say “Hi” in return!!

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Santosh Anand said...

Hey Siva guess wot ... even I have faced a same situation. But it was almost 4 yrs back!! .. So Guess i became old 4 yrs back .. and u became just few days/ weeks back!! .So enjoy.

So, what i wanted to say is that, Even I remember calling all ppl who look slightly older than our brothers/ sisters as "Uncle"/"Aunty". And actually these words are quite synonymous to every other man in places like Bangalore. kids call every person walking on the road who look slightly old to them as "Uncle"/"Aunty". And if they dont look so old but are "Taller" than them as "ANNA"!!! ..

So u can now be ready to become younger after few days when a high school going guy will call u "Anna"!!!

Anyway .. A very good post and candid thoughts.