Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Beginning to love Bangalore - Final Part

Having lived in Bangalore now for more than six months, I am in a better position to write about my feelings towards this lovable city…

Jayanagar – a paradise:

Jayanagar 9th block is well positioned when one considers the fact that it is well connected to both Majestic and Silk Board – the gateways towards Tamilnadu. The proximity to a truly beautiful shopping area in 4th block and the malls in Forum and the omnipresent Big Bazaar would make any shopping buff happy.

Not long back, I explored the option of reading in the 9th block park. Situated not far from the Banerghatta road and surrounded by posh houses, it is an area that can give one a serene feeling whenever one longs for it. Taking a novel and settling down to read there, I found myself observing the joggers and the old men folk discussing the latest current affairs hot topic instead. Birds were making a cheery and at the same time, mad noise that none seemed to mind probably because I was the only person alone. Other people had company and rarely noticed my presence….

Traffic woes:

When one speaks about falling in love with Bangalore, a passing reader might wonder whether I forgot the traffic troubles. Not at all. I just have a different perspective.

This week, the private operators providing service to the IT and the BPO workers by ferrying them almost thanklessly to and from their workplaces decided to go on a strike leaving the workers to resort to autos and BMTC buses.

BMTC has its own style. Many buses have drivers issuing tickets and hence passengers have to inevitably get in and alight down at the driver’s end only. This leads to funny situations where in, the rear portion of the bus may be almost empty while the front part may appear crowded. That apart, the personnel themselves pilfer small amounts of money – unlike Chennai 50 P has no value in BMTC buses and same goes for 1 Re also. One has to shell out 10 for a 9 Rs ticket in most cases.

But, the strike call forced many employees to fall back on BMTC buses for the autos were having a field day laughing all the way to the bank. However crowded a bus, one never experiences any sweat which is a huge relief when compared to Chennai. Since the city is thoroughly cosmopolitan, the people don’t hide their smiles either. Often, I have noticed that two people who don’t share a common mother tongue smile more easily to each other. Has it got something to do with a longing to make others understand their living-away-from-parents plight? May be…

I have observed a lot of people commuting by cars to their workplace though the firm they work for may have a shuttle-service for which the employees don’t have to shell anything off their pockets. The very same people complain about getting caught in traffic jams, the pathetic service of BMTC and the infrastructure problems of the city. They forget the fact that if they consciously resort to car-pooling or traveling by company shuttles, everyone can travel in more comfort.

Blaming the city and its infrastructure at the drop of a hat and complaining about how one is forced to bear with petrol hikes, when the solution lies with oneself has become a fashion of late. All said, a city with an unstable Government and a greedy workforce doesn’t augur well.

Loving like a child:

Like a child who yearns for the hug and caress of a parent, I yearn for Bangalore’s gently caressing breeze and its people who day in and day out make the whole nation proud simply by being part of its diverse culture. Be it the laborer who returns with a smile after work chatting with his fellow-workers or the young girl chatting away on her just-brought mobile phone about her day’s experience to her parents, the city is fast becoming India’s second Mumbai where jobless youth are beginning to flock in search of a cinematic rise to wealth.

It is the place to be in, for a young man with reasonable expectations and a little patience J

Way to go, Bangalore!!

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