Thursday, November 15, 2007

To my friend, Mani!!

I am indebted to have found you,
Thank you God for being magnanimous…

With your sweet smile, you have
Made me smile many a time.
With your soothing words, you have
Consoled my soul many a time.
With your uncanny witticism, you have
Given life to my life a countless times…
With your amazing memory, you have
Sprung many a surprise…
With your words of wisdom, you have
Raised my hopes many a time…
In your presence, I transform into
A different and better being…

Let this birthday herald a year
Of richer and happier experiences!!


sriram said...

Always knew Siva,the writer.. suprising to see the poet in him now :)
good work buddy....would like to c more posts frm ur side.. btw ,every poet has a muse.. would like to know who is urs
(apart frm mani that is :p )

shiva said...

Thanks for that... I muse on my observations. I mull over them and find material in them to write. They can be anything :)