Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Political analyst Cho Ramaswamy once remarked in a television show: “If the Left has a future, India will have no future left.”

In India, the left parties comprising the CPI and the CPI (M) enjoy power with absolutely no accountability and sense of proportion. Wielding considerable political clout only in three states – West Bengal, Kerala and Tripura, they get to have a say on almost everything the centre does and expect the centre to toe their line too. They don’t form part of the union cabinet and yet the UPA gives in every time they raise a hue and cry. The latest episode is their rejection of presidential hopefuls – Shivraj Patil and Karan Singh.

They comment on the entry of foreign firms in the retail sector, FDI caps and agricultural policies to be pursued and the Government like a good school boy listens.

Yet, North Bengal is literally one area in the country that competes for the top spot when it comes to hunger related deaths and malnutrition. The SEZ row in Nandigram doesn’t seem to head towards a quick solution either.

It would be better if the communists of this country respect the people’s mandate and confine themselves to wielding a proportional sense of power. It would definitely be in the larger interests of the society!!

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Varun Soundararajan said...

I totally agree with you