Thursday, November 23, 2006

A walk to remember

That was a breezy evening when I decided to take a walk. Nature seemed to be in a state of indecision. The sun was barely visible and every now and then a cluster of clouds would darken the sky and lower visibility. Nevertheless, the effect was warm and pleasant and after a long day's work inside closed doors, my legs needed a walk pretty badly.
I always love the atmosphere that a bustling road provides. One can see the cars and buses speeding by carrying people to their destinations. One can leave the imagination to conjure up fantastic views of their long journeys. It is a hobby of mine to take long walks by the NH 45 taking in the sights of crowded buses, milestones offering assistance to drivers, the trees planted close to the roads waving their branches and speaking to each other in strange tongues...
That day, I was in a happy mood due to the indecisive weather that was driving people away from their offices early to the comfort of their homes. It appeared that anyime, the sky may start pouring down. Humming old hindi melodies like 'Gata rahe mera dil', with hands in my pockets,I walked.
A small pup was sniffing the grass perilously close to the highway looking for something to eat. It was quite a sight to stand still and observe the pup. It never seemed to mind my presence and continued lazily to search for some lost treasure. I wondered where its parents were and what thoughts might be running in its little head.
Just ahead, a van swerved to the left and came to a halt. The menfolk got down to urinate. Why does this always happen? Can't they find a place more suited to relieve themselves? Some pop number was playing inside the van and it was an assault on the peaceful weather.
I came to a bus stop where some womenfolk were waiting for the next bus. A man was dozing off within the shelter unmindful of the bustle around him. The women had been apparently waiting for a long time and were getting restless.
(will be continued)

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