Friday, January 1, 2010

On remembrances and wishes!

2010 is upon us. So, what is special on any special day? Messages, mails and calls to/from friends, relatives and acquaintances means the mobile is always busy. But, isn't something interesting here?

Why is it that we remember people suddenly when a new year or a Diwali comes? Why is it that we feel the urge or rather the necessity to scan through our contacts in gmail, facebook, orkut and cell phones to dash off messages like -

Happy new year 2010!
Wish you a happy new year - X
Wish you a prosperous Diwali!

The next day, we revert to our usual busy selves and don't even bother to smile if we meet the same person face to face! Indeed, this is the beauty and bane of the internet and mobile communications. It makes it easier to reestablish bonds, atleast momentarily thereby leading to a sense of self-delusion that all is right between two people when the reality is far removed.

In this context, there might be some pleasant surprises. People whose numbers you haven't bothered to store call and wish which proves how much you mean to them. oh! the complexities and nuances of relationships and communications in an age when speed is the mantra and technology is everybody's favorite topic!

Even here, the intention is the clincher. Of all the days, given all the busy schedules and the paucity of time we continually find ourselves in, the fact that somebody has bothered to click on "send" for you is something to be happy about.

So, the next time, you scan through contacts, please don't bother to choose. Don't scan. Send your wishes to everybody. After all, everybody on this earth needs hope. When you don't know who needs it most, it is always good to be generous. It is just a wish - it may well come true or as reality so often proves, wishes might remain wishes...It is like the universal conversation opener - "How are you"? Most people don't want you to reply or even if you do sincerely reply, they might have already moved on. A concern, an exchange of words, a wish - nothing matters in a world where everybody is generous to the point of uniformity and boredom. Take it and be happy!


Pink Mango Tree said...

What a beautiful thought... Love the last para!
New year, Diwali, Friendship Day, B'days are days to remember old faces and remind them, "Hello... I am alive and awake, hope the same with u too!"

Without scanning, here s me wishing you, "A Dashing and Hilarious Year"; looking forward to more posts from you!

Shiva said...

That wish is much needed Shalini..:) Wish you the same!!

Unknown said...

Wonderful thought!Yepdi shive ipdi thinking?

Shiva said...

@ Vidya: "Yepdi shive ipdi thinking?" - some things are hard to answer! :)