Monday, January 25, 2010

Honestly tagged!

Shalini - the girl who is synonymous with wit and humor and who regales me no end with interesting anecdotes and perspectives - has tagged me and provided me a wonderful opportunity to reminisce about a few things. Thanks buddy! 

Here are the 5 rules (to be strictly followed by those I tag in this post!):
1. Thank the person from whom you have received the award listing his / her blog link

2. List 10 honest things about yourself (like I shall do here)
3. Paste the ‘Honest Scrap’ logo on your blog (this is self-evident as my title for this post says) 
4. Choose 7 other worthy bloggers and list their links (spread the joy) 
5. Notify the bloggers of the award, requesting them to follow the rules (so that they will not miss to notice)
Here I go - 10 honest things
  1. My fantasy is imagining myself on a date with Chitrangada Singh - this is the breaking news of this post :) Hazaron khwaishein Aisi was just brilliant cinema and Geetha was stunning!
  2. I dance to loud music when I am alone and bored.
  3. I love observing people - it is one of my favorite pastimes. 
  4. I hate the sound of burping more than any other sound. It drives me to a rage. 
  5. My wish is that I visit Japan at least once in my life. 
  6. I loved my 11th and 12th std days more than my college days.
  7. Chennai local trains and railways stations can move me to tears with nostalgia.
  8. I believe that everybody has some secret that they would shudder to confront even to their mirror images. 
  9. People who lie sincerely can expect cold shoulders from me.
  10. Somehow rather strangely, I exhibit a little of the mannerisms of people I admire.
  Now, 7 bloggers and their links - (apart from the blog of the girl who tagged me :) ) 

  1. Chitralekha - the girl who reviewed and commented on my first-ever-proper-written-work. One day, I shall be reading her works and that is not far off. A girl of unbelievable talent. I digged up her blog today after seeing the tag and am eager to read what she is up to! 
  2. Madhuri - I have learnt more about blogging and books by reading her posts more than anything else. 
  3. Hari - A person of immense potential whose sincerity shines through in everything he writes.
  4. Shefali - A girl thanks to whom I delved into the World of classics. I hope she starts posting more frequently. 
  5. Sundar - The person behind coffee with Sundar. CWS is one of the most informative blogs I have come across in the blogsphere. 
  6. Charanya - a person with the most wacky sense of humor one can ever come across. 
  7. Layman - His blogs always make me think. I would love to know what inspires each of his posts. 
Loved this exercise, now got to notify these folks :)


Hari said...

Thanks for the tag dude... Posted one too... :)

C.Charanya said...

Thanks for tagging :)

Shiva said...

@ Hari: :)

@ Charanya: Waiting for your turn now :)