Tuesday, July 20, 2010

She can be...

She can be a/an - 

  • Artist's dream
  • Painter's muse
  • Poet's fancy
  • Lover's fantasy
  • Romantic's object
  • Journalist's page 3
  • Scholar's inspiration
  • Intellectual's thought
  • Traveler's companion
  • Adventurer's adrenalin rush
  • Trekker's summit
  • Photographer's delight
  • Author's Protagonist
  • Goldsmith's Prize
  • Celebrity's yearning and
  • Blind man's distress!
She, who combines the charm and elegance of a Deepika Padukone with the mystery and intrigue of a Shabana Azmi! 

Thank God that he still creates angels!


Pink Mango Tree said...

ahem ahem... so, who is the latest angel on whom u tumbled upon?! :)

Rajasekar Murugan said...

101% sure,not in this life or other, one may land up with a being of a few above qualities,i believe..hence,sub-optimality is the path to traverse.(siva,wash your retina,close your pupil for a moment,pinch a little,to realize the 'nice to have' reality{currently a dream}evades away into cosmos.luv,raj

Prannoy said...

Hmmm...Somethings cooking...vous dans l'amour mon ami???

Karthigai Selvan said...

well said :-) LATEST angel !!


Yaaru da adhu :) Sir i think life s going topsy turvy for u :)

Shiva said...

@ Shalini, Ravi, Prannoy and Gai: :)
@ Raju: True, when optimality evades us, we have to reconcile

Aishwarya V said...

Nice imagination. Wake up little one! Come to reality! :)

Shiva said...

@ Aishwarya: Yes, realities can only be poor imitations of dreamscapes!