Sunday, November 13, 2011

Cold Calling Experiences

This is what transpired during one of my calls -  

Me: Hello, Good Morning!
Receptionist:  Good morning Sir
Me: I am Sivaraman calling from company - Y
Receptionist: Okay...
Me: Can I please talk to Mr. X?
Receptionist:I would need his badge number
Me: I am sorry. What is that?
Receptionist: All our employees have a badge number Sir. You have to give me that
Me: Sorry, I don't know Mr.X's badge number. Can you look him up in the extension directory please?
Receptionist: Let me see...(a min later) Sorry Sir, I cannot find him
Me: Can you please find Mr. W then?
Receptionist: Mr. W? This is regarding?
Me: This is regarding a business meeting
Receptionist: What business Sir?
Me: Can I please talk to him directly about it? (ending with a smile)
Receptionist: Hmm...I am putting him through. Please hold
Me: Thank you! 
W: Hello, W speaking, who is this?
Me: Good morning Sir! I am Sivaraman calling from Y. I got your reference from ____. Is it a good time to talk to you? Can I have 5 minutes of your time?
W: (a little hesitating) Yes...What is this regarding? 
Me: Sir, this is regarding....blah blah..

This is one experience where I got to handle 3 objections and got rewarded ultimately. When making calls, it is important to handle certain objections, especially if we are calling the board number and talking to a receptionist. 

Objection: Mr. X does not work here/Mr. X is in a meeting/business trip/on vacation
Counter: Can I talk to Mr. W then?
Objection: He is not available today/He is not at his desk
Counter: Is he on vacation?/Is he in a meeting?/When can I call again?/Can I have his extension number?/Can I have his email id please?

  • The idea is to get as much information as possible in a single call. It can get really annoying to a receptionist if we assume a rigid/matter-of-fact tone. One has to respect the time of a receptionist.
  • When we get to the person we want to talk to, we ideally get a maximum of 5 minutes, so, we should get to the objective of the call as quickly as possible. 
  • Homework before calling is paramount. 
The success rate of cold calling is not very high. Hence, it pays to be persistent and methodical. Cold calling should always be complemented by direct mailing and follow-ups to be effective. 

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You are welcome to share your experiences...

PS: This is the first work related post I am making in my blog. More to come... For this post, thanks to the sales professional and friend who taught me how to handle objections...


Surabhi said...

hehehee.. liked the Dilbert comic!!! :P
On a serious note, every aspect of job actually teaches you when to shut up , when to speak & how to speak!
best wishes for converting your calls :)

Unknown said...

good one shiv:)

Anand Srinivas said...

good one shiva. This is Anand Srinivasan (old buddy from SAJV);) eppidi eruka? enna panra?

Shiva said...

@Fallen Angel: Agree...depends on how we view every aspect..thanks for the wishes!

@Unknown: Who is this? :) Thanks!

@Anand: Thanks buddy. I am in the best of health and in the best of spirits :) Working with Robert Bosch now in Bangalore. How are you doing? Where are you put up?


Hi Siva,

As usual a good post from you :) Patience is the key !!! Poruthaar Bhoomi aalvaar is the thing which is coming to my mind :) Keep your patience.. u can rock in the future :) All the best :)

Bose said...

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