Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Despite the system??

Today’s headline (13/8/2008) in Times of India puts it succinctly: “Bindra won despite the system”. This could not have come at a better time for though leaders brag about economic growth, reality is depressing to put it mildly. Inflation is shooting up, though it isn’t entirely of the Government’s making, the public is disillusioned with the politics at all levels, corruption in public sector seems to be setting new standards, blame game and lack of accountability best define our elected representatives, taxes are collected in myriad ways to fund corrupt schemes and supposedly affirmative actions…the list is endless.

61 years after India’s independence, traffic in India’s premier IT destination moves at 10-15 km/hr during peak hours. It just takes one hour of rain for the streets to get waterlogged and traffic to grind to a halt.

To take a scenario, consider the condition of roads and public transport system in Bangalore. The state government wants to encourage the public to use BMTC buses, yet even the boards are not in English in a city nearly half of whose working population is drawn from non-native background. BMTC plans to expand its fleet. Where are the roads to run the buses?

Soon after the BJP assumed office, routes within the city have become increasingly confusing. IPS officers are transferred by the dozen; a please-all budget is announced. Is the Junta pleased? Not at all! There is a pathetic shortage of traffic policemen. 2 in 10 drivers openly flout traffic rules. Some cops stand mute witness; some get busy with their collections. BMTC needs to recruit more people if it is to avoid drivers issuing tickets with the bus right in the middle of the road. The government is not focusing on the basics. We instead have photo of the transport minister using the Volvo to travel to BIA. As if that is what we want to see!!!

We want to see regulated traffic and more taxes on people buying cars and two wheelers. I hate it when people speak about getting a second car or two-wheeler. Aren’t they part of the system?

How long can we progress “despite” the system? Will it ever be with the aid of the system? Can it ever be?

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The one who has loved and lost said...

All are disillusioned..
You are right!!

It's such a pathetic feeling to feel helpless...
I think we all should start blogging more on what WE CAN do despite the system.
I think the system will change when we least a little..

But as rightly put in Sanjukta's blog...will it make a big difference??..except having the satisfaction that we did our part..
I don't know..

Thinking about Indian politics is like philosophizing..
U feel you are going around in circles..most of the times you don't have an answer and feel helpless...and it seems a futile effort to think too much!!

Good post.. but feel all gloomy now :-(