Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sivaji – A visual delight!!

Few movies have been made in Tamil cinema or for that matter in bollywood too that have seen such a tremendous response as Sivaji has. It has broken umpteen numbers of records even as it is still in the first week of its release.

In director Shankar, actor Rajnikanth is lucky to have got a man who is known to make movies that enthrall the audience visually. Boys, Gentleman, Anniyan and Mudhalvan had one thing in common – lavishly created sets to shoot songs and some good music that left the audience asking for more. Following the same trend, Sivaji sees the return of Shankar-Rehman duo and quite expectedly, the result is a visual delight.

It would take extreme courage for any producer to make a movie that is believed to be the most extravagant in Indian cinema’s history. But, if the hero is Rajnikanth and if his last release was 2 years back, it is no surprise at all.

Coming to the movie, it has got everything that an ardent Rajni fan expects of his icon. From a good dose of style to a larger than life image, the veteran actor proves once again that he can still attract crowds in his inimitable style.

The hero takes on the tax evaders and in the process, one gets to see some fight scenes that only the super star can do without appearing ridiculous. The first half could have done with some editing as the first song obviously drags. In the company of Vivek, Rajni manages to make the audience laugh and the jokes are not rehashed 0nes either. The standout ones are those in which the superstar experiments with fair and lovely to win over his lady love and those in which he imitates MGR. The make up artists have done their homework commendably well and all along their effort and work has not gone unnoticed.

The second half is more action packed and stylish. Special credit should be given to Shreya Saran who does her job neatly. Looking glamorous seems to be her only job and in low-waist saris and skimpy costumes, she does that. I am curious to know how she fares from now on as undoubtedly, this movie with the superstar would give her a wide visibility.

Apart from having all the ingredients of a blockbuster, the movie sends subtle hints of a political career for Rajni. The hero has a huge fall from riches to rags and the next day, he outwits the villain and laughs in his face. That can happen only in extremely imaginative cinema, but who cares for reality and possibilities anyway!! The movie is definitely a ‘paisa vasool’ mass entertainer that will keep the cash registers ringing for a long time.

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