Sunday, May 20, 2007

Movies should be made like this...

I don’t know Telugu. On a friend’s recommendation and thanks to subtitles, I decided to see Bommarillu. After 2 hrs and 45 minutes, I felt very happy that I had seen it. All my myths about Telugu movies were completely shattered.

The film is a romantic entertainer in every sense of the word. The lead pair, Siddharth and Genelia fit the bill perfectly as young lovers. Prakashraj as the father of the hero tries to guide his son in every step that he takes with the good intention of making his son happy. When the hero wants to be free from his father’s influence, it proves to be extremely difficult.

Genelia as the girl who talks non-stop and does things as she wishes could not have given a more convincing performance. The hero is drawn to this vivacious and freedom loving young girl and how he manages to secure his father’s approval for the marriage forms the remaining story.

The music by Devi Sri Prasad is very good on the ears and the lyrics have been given good attention. The costumes on the lead pair look good and both of them carry their roles off with utmost ease. I was laughing through most of the second half and not because one actor was trying to belittle another but because of the manner in which the heroine was trying to impress the hero’s father.

The movie tries to appeal to the parents of this generation of youth to give importance to their sons’ and daughters’ wishes instead of forcing their likes. In an indirect manner, it also gets across the point that one shouldn’t expect one’s partner to change according to his/her wishes.

When movies are made to target specific audiences and skin show seems to have become common, this one appeals to all age groups with a limited dose of everything thrown in to impress any interested movie-goer.

As I write this, I am planning to see this one again...

Movies should be made like this...

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